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Astel Group adds optimal benefits for its customers, allowing them to choose the best solution for distribution and trade through electronic and online transactions.

Datacell Infomedia

Datacell Infomedia

PT. Datacell Infomedia is a company that develops mobile commerce application system and provides mobile prepaid voucher distribution, bill payment, game online voucher, micro insurance and some other products. In operation for more than 12 years, Datacell has more than 270,000 dealers in Indonesia and become a trusted partner to Telco Cellular Operators, Financial Services Company, Billers and Switching Company.

Datacell provides end-to-end electronic prepaid payment solutions to support  e-commerce growth in Indonesia. Datacell is commited to continue developing with innovative product and services such as mobile application, mobile marketing solutions, remittances and also electronic money in the future.

EDI Indonesia

Founded on 1st June 1995, PT EDI Indonesia was awarded by Minister of Post and Telecommunication Republic of Indonesia as the provider of Electronic Commerce/ Electronic Data Interchange Services. The company is a joint-venture between PT. Pelindo II and PT. Sisindosat Teknologi.

EDI Indonesia started its operation in 1997 providing electronic data interchange services for import & export transactions to Indonesian Custom. Later it expanded into Supply Chain Management (SCM) Service for B-to-B Commerce, Stock Administration Service and various of e-Government solutions and the latest they are entering the insurance industry through their new product of e-claim.

Media Indonusa

PT Media Indonusa established in 2003 as innovative mobile commerce services provider, as well as providing mobile banking solutions to communities through cooperated with the strategic partners of the cellular operator company and national banks in Indonesia. Mobile banking experience has made Media Indonusa as a strong, reliable and trustworthy business partner in end-to-end coverage including the technology operations and activities of educational and marketing.

In 2009, Media Indonusa has developed FASPAY service as an online payment solution that is safe, reliable, anywhere, anytime, and has been used by various types of companies to support their business. By implementing the latest technology, Media Indonusa will continue to develop in accordance with the spirit and commitment to always provide the best, safe and reliable services.

Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis

Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis

PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis (Artajasa) was established in 2000 and make a breakthrough and shows its first success by becoming the first non-bank clearing institution for retail transactions in Indonesia by becoming a member of the BI-RTGS system. Other ARTAJASA Achievement in 2004 by developing inter-bank transfer service in real time on-line through the ATM.

Artajasa as a leading electronic transaction service provider through ATM Bersama network and currently has more than 22.000 ATM networks, 30 million card holders and members more than 70 banks spread across in Indonesia. Artajasa has also provided important product and services such as Bill Payment and e-Channnels to help banking and financial institution, retailer and other industry to achieve their goals and make life more comfortable.  

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